• Reduce energy costs
  • Prolong HVAC life
  • Cooler home in summer, warmer home in winter


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Earth wise super green attic energy barrier

With so many attic insulation options available, it can often be difficult to tell which one is the most energy efficient solution. But there’s only one attic insulation product that’s made from the same state-of-the-art heat blocking technology developed by NASA: Earth Wise Super Green Attic Energy Barrier. Technologies. Standard attic insulation doesn’t do an adequate job of preventing radiant heat loss, the number one way that homes lose energy because it is the direct transfer of heat from a radiant source like the sun. Luckily, Earth Wise Super Green Attic Energy Barrier can help solve this problem. As a retrofit product, this attic barrier can be installed on top of existing insulation, combining to form a complete heat loss protection system. This will result in significantly lower energy bills for homeowners, allowing them to save some hard-earned cash. This product can also be installed in walls and crawlspaces.

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Insulation and Energy Conservation in the News

With an ever-expanding world population putting tremendous strain on the Earth's natural resources, green technology and energy conservation have been thrust into the forefront of national and international news, science, and politics. Below are some selected videos highlighting the importance of green living.



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