• Reduce energy costs
  • Prolong HVAC life
  • Cooler home in summer, warmer home in winter

An Energy Evaluation Can Prove Just How Much You Can Save with Earth Wise

Before selecting and installing insulation, it is best to pinpoint exactly where heat is entering and escaping your home. An energy evaluation does just that by using advanced techniques to locate leaks in your home’s structure. It is instrumental in determining approximately how much energy you could save if the proper insulation is installed in your home. Earth Wise™ dealers are specially trained to provide energy evaluation for homes around the country. Our experts in energy evaluation services will inspect every room, evaluate your attic, walls, and crawlspaces, and examine past energy bills to make sure your audit is as accurate as possible.

A home energy evaluation is the ideal way to begin your green remodeling projects. By determining the best way to utilize Earth Wise™ - the revolutionary, multilayer, thermal reflective barrier - along with traditional blanket, batt, or spray insulation, your home will be better insulated than ever before. Earth Wise™ is the result of more than a decade of research in radiant heat transfer and reflects 97 percent of radiant heat away from your home. No other radiant guards offer this level of protection.

Some homeowners who have chosen to undergo a thorough energy audit and install a comprehensive insulation solution that includes Earth Wise™, have experienced energy savings of more than 50 percent. Earth Wise™ can also earn homeowners an energy tax credit for even more savings.

Contact us today for more information on Earth Wise™ insulation and to locate a qualified contractor who performs professional energy audits in your area.

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